SB2927 is WRONG for Kailua!

Kailua's Future?

Keep it Kailua strongly opposes Hawaii Senate Bill 2927. We consider it an insidious attack on open government. SB 2927 could exempt development projects from public scrutiny and accountability. It shuts out the public by allowing  developers with projects near a transit station (rail or bus) free rein with numerous exemptions and minimal public input.

It appears SB2927 would:

  1. Circumvent county general plans, development and sustainable community plans.
  2. Exempt projects from zoning regulations, impact fees, and parking standards.
  3. Diminishes opportunities for public feedback.
  4. Exempt projects on state or county land from Hawaii Revise Statutes Chapter 343 environmental review.
  5. Exempt development from all fees associated with land development.
  6. Provide indemnity for any county, its officials, or employees for actions taken regarding exceptional planning projects (no government official will held responsible for causing harm).

What this could mean for Kailua is a free-pass for a developer to build anything they want within a quarter mile of a bus station in Kailua. That could possibly include high-rises or hotels!

Keep it Kailua believes SB 2927 violates due process, transparency, and most importantly public input regarding the future of our community.

Please call or email both the Hawaii House and Senate representatives and ask them to oppose SB2927



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City Council Bill 11: Promotes Kailua as the Windward Waikiki

Our neighborhood beach parks are being threatened by increased commercialization. City Council member Ikaika Anderson has introduced City Council Bill 11 that would by ordinance authorize an unlimited number of tour buses to drop off tourist at Kailua beach park and would allow four tourist-oriented concession stands to operate at Kalama Beach Park and Kailua Beach Park.

Keep it Kailua believes this is the wrong approach. Bill 11 should be modified to prohibit tour buses and ban commercial activities from our beach parks. Kailua is a residential community and our beach parks should be a safe-haven from commercialization.

This Friday, March 30th at 3:30PM, please join fellow residents for sign-waving demonstration at the park across from Castle Hospital. Let’s make a presence and show the Council we don’t want Kailua turned into a resort area. Please bring blank poster boards and permanent pens and we will make our messages consistent.

Please also write, e-mail, or call council members on the Parks and Cultural Affairs Committee asking them to change Bill 11 to specify the following:

1) No tourist buses dropping off tourist at Kailua or Kalama beach parks.
2) There shall be no vendor permits issued for Kailua or Kalama beaches.

Please contact all the following Parks and Cultural Affairs Committee members via phone and e-mail and state the above two points:

Ikaika Anderson (808) 768-5003

Tom Berg (808) 768-5001

Romy Cachola (808) 768-5007

Tulsi Gabbard (808) 768-5006

Breene Harimoto (808) 768-5008

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Neighbors Make Kailua Special!

Permanent “neighbors” foster security, social interaction and create a sense of community and neighborliness. The residential character of a community is primarily defined by the active participation of permanent residents. Help us keep Kailua a strong and vibrant residential community by getting involved in the following ways:

 Join or start a Kailua Neighborhood Security Watch

• Join the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT).

• Join the Lani-Kailua Outdoor Circle

• Work with the Kailua Neighborhood Board

• Coach a Local Sports Team

• Volunteer at a Non-Profit Organization or Hospital

• Join Keep it Kailua!

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