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As you may know, a significant number of Kailua residential homes are being used for illegal vacation rentals and B&B lodges.  These illegal businesses reduce the housing supply for residents and negatively impact the residential character of our neighborhoods, as well as mar Kailua’s social fabric.

Some “newcomer” owners have responded to the City’s enforcement activities by saying that they did not know that transient lodging in residential zoning was illegal. This does not excuse their action, but it may indicate that real estate sales-people did not disclose the material fact that short-term rentals on Oahu are prohibited.

The Kailua community has been active in combating illegal visitor accommodations. We enlist your assistance in this matter by depending on your statutory duty (HRS,467-14(18) and HAR, Chap 99-3) to disclose to any prospective buyers that the provision of accommodations for stays of less than 30 day in residential zoning, without a Non-Conforming Use Certificate (NUC), is prohibited by the Land Use Ordinance of the City & County of Honolulu (Chapter 21, Revised Ordinances of Honolulu).

Such disclosure will also help give confidence to your potential home buyers that the neighborhood will retain the desirable residential character they seek.

Thank you for your assistance.  To learn more about Keep it Kailua and how we are helping preserve Kailua’s residential character and quality of life, please visit our website.


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