Keep it Kailua Supports SB 2919 & HB 1838

The Hawaii Legislature has proposed bills HB1838 and SB2919 – Both bills give the Counties the authority to phase out vacation rentals in residential zoning. Both bills have passed their first hearings and are strongly supported by the Oahu, Maui, Kauai & Hawaii County governments. Maui Strong, Sierra Club, Housing Hawaii’s Future, Save Oahu’s Neighborhoods and Keep it Kailua.

On Oahu, the bill would assist the DPP in eliminating a loophole that allows illegal vacation rentals to skirt the law by creating fake 30-day contracts for guests who stay less than 30 days.

We need your help! Both Bills will have another hearing. As we are only given 48 hours notice of Hearing dates, we are asking that you prepare now. Here’s what you can do to help in passing these important Bills:

  • Register on the State Capitol website to enable testimony submission.
  • Prepare your testimony now. Tell your personal story of how vacation rentals have taken housing opportunities away from you and other local residents and/or have negatively changed the residential character of your neighborhoods. Let them know that the Home rule of the counties should prevail in determining where vacation rentals can be allowed in our communities.
  • Call or email your local legislators. Look up HERE Communicate your concerns about these Bills. As a constituent, you are VERY important to them. The following legislators are key at the next Hearings: Senator Rhodes, Senator Dela Cruz and Representative Tarnas.
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