PLEASE SUPPORT BILL 41 CD1 (Illegal Vacation Rental Enforcement)

Testify at City Council Hearing on 11/10/2021 at 10AM (first reading)

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The estimated 14,000 vacation rentals on Oahu have contributed to our residential housing shortage and housing-cost crisis.

New Short-term rental (STR) definition of 180 days or less matches the State of Hawaii, Maui and Kauai definition for STR’s.

The 180 days or less definition for STR’s will help protect and preserve residential zoned homes for “permanent residency”.

The 180 days or less definition for STR’s will stop illegal vacation rentals from creating “fake 30-day” leases to hide their illegal vacation rental activities.

Planning Commission declared short-term rentals are inappropriate for “residential-zoned” neighborhoods and lodging businesses should be restricted to resort and commercial districts only.

Both legal and illegal vacation rentals in residential zoning have promoted tourism sprawl throughout the island and have contributed to resident’s negative sentiment toward tourists and tourism.

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