The Oahu Vacation Rental Industry Scam!

The Oahu vacation rental industry is facing a major issue of illegal activity. Property owners are renting out their properties to vacationers for less than 30 days, which is against the rules. To hide these illegal rentals, property owners create fake or misleading 30-day contracts, which makes it difficult for neighbors and city inspectors to enforce the rules. While the illegal vacation rental industry claims that it rents primarily to traveling nurses, students, and displaced families, the reality is that it caters to vacationers. This has become a major issue, and the state legislature has recognized the loophole. To address this issue, they have created two bills, SB2919 and HB1838, which will allow the counties to phase out vacation rentals in residential-zoned neighborhoods and require vacation rentals to only rent once every 90 days. The Keep it Kailua community group supports these bills and hopes that they will be passed and signed by the governor.

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