Anderson’s Proposed Short-Term Rental Law Is A Sham!

Enforcement Regulations Don’t Apply To Illegal Vacation Rentals (TVU)


Council Member Ikaika Andersons’s resolution 15-72 regulations do not apply to illegal vacation rentals (TVU’s) as Anderson has implied on his official Facebook page. In fact, the words TVU or vacation rentals are never even mentioned in the 15 page document. Anderson claims he is proposing a so called “balanced” approach by permitting illegal B&B hotels and improving enforcement regulations against illegal short-term rentals.

On Anderson’s Facebook page, Anderson stated; “My resolution will crack down on the current illegals- all illegals, B&Bs & TVUs alike- while allowing a permitting mechanism for a limited # of owner-occupied B&Bs. There’s room to do both at the same time.”

After our legal advisers evaluated the resolution, its clear Anderson’s resolution only applies to B&B hotels in requiring a permit number be included on all of their advertisements (a key requirement in helping shut down illegal operations)! In addition, Anderson proposed fine structure and other ineffective regulations will also only apply to B&B hotels, not TVU’s.

It’s estimated that Anderson’s bill will allow 2000 B&B hotels and 6000 B&B hotels rooms in Oahu residential-zone neighborhoods. According to the proposal, Kailua could have approximate 2000 B&B hotel rooms. That would be the same as putting the Royal Hawaiian, the Moana Hotel, the Kahala Resort, the Turtle Bay Resort and Ko Olina Hotel in Kailua (soon to be named KAIKIKI)!

B&B hotels and vacation rentals reduce our residential housing supply and raise housing costs for all residents. Kailua is a residential community, but the proposed astronomical increase in the number of B&B hotels will change the residential character of our neighborhoods and community by displacing our neighbors with a revolving door of vacationers.

It’s now becoming apparent; Anderson has no desire to shut down any illegal short-term rentals. In addition, Anderson’s law will most likely reward every illegal B&B hotel with a permit, so there will be no need for enforcement regarding B&B hotels.

Clearly, Anderson is intently trying to mislead the residents of Oahu. Does Anderson really believe residents are that stupid?

Please submit testimony to and state you OPPOSE resolution 15-72.

Propose Resolution 15-72;

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