Anderson Waters-Down B&B Definition!

Weekly rentalIkaika Anderson wants the definition of B&B’s modified so more illegal vacation rentals (TVU’s) will qualify for his proposed B&B permitting scheme. Anderson and the illegal vacation rental operators understand the label “Bed and Breakfast” has a warm and fuzzy connotation. Many people have the image of a “turn of the century” homes owned by an elderly widow, who rents out a few bedrooms and serves a warm breakfast in her dining room. This image is far from reality of what is happening on Oahu!

Anderson’s proposed Resolution 15-72 will allow property owners to rent-out separate ohana units, cottages and apartments as tourist rentals. These types of units are desperately needed in our community as long-term rentals for local residents.

Anderson resolution 15-72 CD1 will eliminate the requirement that the property owners be on-site when the unit is rented. In fact, the owners don’t even have to sleep overnight at the property. The resolution only requires the owners claim they reside on the property and “supposedly” be somewhere on-island when the property is being rented. This will allow property owners to rent out their entire house as a vacation rental and simply stay someplace else.

And to add insult to injury…B&B hotels are not even required to serve a breakfast to their guests. It’s misleading that these lodging businesses are being called Bed and Breakfast homes by the City. The City Council should be honest with the public and call these businesses what they truly are… visitor-lodging businesses!

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