Neighbors Prevail!

Stick FamilyThe City Council Zoning and Planning Committee wisely rejected the two resolutions (15-72 & 15-86) that would have made visitor lodging businesses “conforming” in residential zoning. It’s clear these lodging businesses are harming our residential neighborhoods by reducing our local housing stock and raising housing costs.

The written testimony was overwhelmingly in opposition to the resolutions. In addition to the negative impact to the our residential housing market, many residents cited how displacing neighbors from our neighborhoods significantly changes the residential character of the neighborhoods.

Short-term vacationers have little interest in public agencies or in the welfare of the citizenry. They do not participate in security watch programs, coach paddling, or join the hospital guild. They do not lead a scout troop, volunteer at the library, or keep an eye on an elderly neighbor. Literally they are here today and gone tomorrow–without engaging in the sort of activities that weld and strengthen a neighborhood and the community. It’s time for the City to step-up enforcement and for those who are “breaking the law” to stop.

Thank you everyone for being involved and caring about our community!

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