September 5, 2018 – 1:30 pm

Mission Memorial Building – 550 South King Street

The Honolulu Planning Commission will hear resolutions RES. 17-052 CD1, RES. 17-163, RES. 17-164, RES. 17-301, and Mayor Caldwell/Department. of Planning & Permitting (DPP) Omnibus Bill.

Each resolution will be voted “recommended” or “not recommended” by the Planning Commission on its own merits. Regardless of the outcome of those votes, they will all be forwarded to the Honolulu City Council and entered as bills. Those having been ‘recommended’ by the Planning Commission need only a 5-4 Council majority to pass and those ‘not recommended’ need a 6-3 super-majority to pass the Council.

These 5 proposals were made by Honolulu City Council and the Honolulu Dept. of Planning & Permitting and addresses the issue of short-term rental businesses in our single-family residential and apartment neighborhoods.

Keep it Kailua supports RES. 17-052 CD1 and RES. 17-164 that add enforcement tools to assist the DPP with shutting down illegal vacation rentals and reverses the loss of homes in our neighborhoods. We oppose RES. 17-163, RES. 17-301 and DPP Omnibus Bill that will allow the proliferation of “so-called” B&B’s and vacation rentals in our residential and apartment neighborhoods. Keep it Kailua and other residential housing advocates are trying to protect Oʻahu’s housing stock and our community’s residential character. We recommend these three proposals be voted down so that they would need a 6-3 super-majority to pass the Honolulu Council.

Please do the following:

1.) Submit written testimony to the Planning Commission in opposition to 17-163, 17-301, and DPP Omnibus and in support of 17-52 and 17-164. This must be done by Friday, August 31 3:30 pm at the very latest. The easy way is to email it directly to

In the subject line of your testimony, state “Support 17-52 CD1 and 17-164 and Oppose the 17-163, 17-301 and the DPP Omnibus Bill”. State your reasons in the text body of your email. Focus on how vacation rentals (non-owner occupied and owner-occupied) reduce the housing supply for residents and raises housing costs for everyone. Please do this today!

2.) Attend the Wednesday 9/5/18 hearing – and express your support for 17-52 CD1 and 17-164 and your opposition the 17-163, 17-301 and the DPP Omnibus Bill. This is very important, so don’t be shy. It will take many voices with similar messages to convince the Planning Commission to do the right thing. But they will listen!

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