PLEASE TESTIFY – Wednesday April 17th, 2019 at City Council Honolulu Hale – 10AM

Aloha Neighbors;

We need a strong showing of residents who want to keep Kailua a residential community.

These bills will set the future of our residential, agriculture and apartment zoned neighborhoods.  This is crunch time. We must all step up to the task of saving O’ahu’s Neighborhoods – that means attending submitting testimony at the hearing:

Honolulu Hale,  Council Chambers, Wednesday, April 17, 2019, 10:00 am

Click here for Meeting Agenda

Please Support  Bill 85 CD1  (14th public hearing item on agenda)

  • Will NOT allow more vacation rentals in our residential neighborhoods
  • Provides tools for the enforcement of illegal vacation rentals, including higher fines
  • Holds hosting platforms liable for listing illegal short-term rentals and requires them to remove illegal listings
  • Requires short-term rentals with non-conforming use certificates to list certificate number on all advertisements
  • Aims to protect housing for locals and not more tourists and out-of-state investors
  • Protects the residential character of our neighborhoods and our community
  • Stops tourism sprawl

Please Oppose Bill 89 CD1 (15th public hearing item on agenda)

  • Makes short-term rentals (mini-hotels) conforming land use in  residential zoning
  • Allows all residential properties to operate as a vacation rental for less than 30 days a year (with very little oversight)
  • Approximately 4,000 homes can be used as an owner-occupied short-term rental (fake B&B’s)  year-round
  • Long-term renters of ohana units, studios and in-law suites can be evicted for short-term rental use
  • Short-term rentals can cluster in neighborhoods with no distance separation
  • Increases housing costs, prices locals out of the market, and takes away affordable housing for LOCALS
  • Promotes tourism sprawl in residential communities and the country

Sign up to speak and submit testimony today

Please submit your testimony TWO ways:

1)  Sign up to speak & submit separate testimony for 85 CD1 (support) and 89 CD1 (oppose) through the Council click here for Internet submission form

2)  To be sure that the committee members see it in time, submit your testimony directly to each individual council member on the Planning Committee.  Cut & paste these into your address line:

Please Attend the Hearing and testify in person – nothing is more persuasive.

Even if you do not register to speak, you may offer oral testimony – it will be requested by the Chair at the end of testimony.  Under the state Sunshine Law, you will be allowed to testify.

See you at the hearing.

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