KITV Reports how Short-Term Rentals are Ruining our Neighborhoods


HONOLULU —A bill that looks to eliminate illegal short term vacation rentals from Oahu gained a preliminary approval from the Honolulu City Council Wednesday.  Residents in Lanikai have long complained about noise and safety concerns due to the rentals.

“They’re not real neighbors. There are people coming and going you don’t know who they are and they displace real neighbors. They might be people you car pool with, might be someone who looks out for you or who you look out for. There’s these strangers coming in and out instead of that,” said Lanikai resident Lisa Marten.

Bill 22 in the city council would step up enforcement power by the Department of Planning and Permitting.  The department currently has many hurdles to pass in order to identify and eliminate illegal rentals.  Some believe the bill goes too far.

“Bill 22 comes at it from only one angle enforcement. There is no ability to provide for owner occupied bed and breakfasts,” said councilmember Ikaika Anderson.

Anderson proposes that along with increased enforcement, new bed and breakfast units should be approved.  He said the language of the bill will greatly reduce the illegal rental problem.

“There must be certification that the owner’s primary residence is on the same tax map key parcel as the bed and breakfast proposed,” reads Resolution 15-72.

Anderson said he’ll hold Bill 22 in committee until his resolution makes it through the council.

The resolution will be heard by zoning and planning committee April 2.

Along with efforts by the city and county of Honolulu, the state is also looking to regulate the rental business through House Bill 825.

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