Star Advertiser Series on Illegal Vacation Rentals


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A Honolulu Star Advertiser series on illegal vacation rentals by Allison Schaefers has validated Keep it Kailua’s Position that illegal lodging businesses in residential-zoning are a significant problem that are harming Hawaii’s neighbors, neighborhoods and residential communities. Below are PDF files of all the articles.

Star-Advertiser 12-29-14 Vacation Rentals Hurts Housing Supply

Star-Advertiser 12-28-14 Illegal Rentals Skirt Law

Star Advertiser 12-28-14 Illegal rentals Inspection Process is Broken

Star-Advertise 12-30-14 Vacation Rentals – Revolving door Strangers

Star-Advertiser 12-30-14 Vacation Rentals Statewide Problem

Star-Advertiser 12-29-14 Vacation Rental Cons Rip off Visitors

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