Thank You For Saving Kailua’s Beach Parks!

From our friends at “We are Kailua”:

Bill 11 is law! Congratulations and thank you everyone who helped make this possible. This is proof that WE ALL DO BETTER WHEN WE WORK TOGETHER!

Now we need to ensure that this law is enforced. If you see illegal commercial activity at Kailua or Kalama beach parks you need to call 911, say that this is not an emergency, and describe the illegal activity. The following is considered illegal: any commercial drop offs at Kailua or Kalama beach parks (kayak drop offs or other ocean activity equipment etc.), any commercial business operating in the parks, any large or small tour buses inside the beach parks (tour buses can drop off at city bus stops, but no buses in parks), and no Segway tours in park. When I say in the beach park that also means the canal mouth, because it is also considered a part of Kailua Beach Park. We have been working on enforcement by talking with HPD. However, we all need to call and ensure that they do enforce. This is not an easy task, but it will get better with time and our persistence. Mahalo for your support!

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